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In HighDevelop we think that one of the foundations for the success of the organization is that the people in them know and have a common global vision of how an organization works and what are the mechanisms , which is now called “Business Vision” .

When a manager, a technician or Middle Management understands and comprehends the economic as well as financial flows of an organization , you can make better decisions and more effectively search for how to improve and optimize management.

That’s why we introduced the “Club Financiero HighDevelop” , A set of well-designed concrete and presented in open but can be adapted to any organization.

These actions are aimed at :

  •     People have no financial impact on the income statement and need clear and simple understanding of basic financial concepts.
  •     MMII affect their results in a trading account .
  •     Technicians , Project Managers , Heads of Accounts and individuals that manage resources .
  •     Personal Finance whose clients are organizations or companies who need to know their needs issues .

More about our Financial Club :

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