Insights, a questionnaire for development

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This powerful tool , based on preferences , is based on the work of Carl Jung and the colors used as the basis of a common language , to promote self-understanding, effective relationships and business growth . Using the common language of color , people learn to interact more efficiently with their environment.

Each of us is characterized by a unique combination and that means that each person perceives things from their point of view ( their subjective perception ) , has a way of relating to the environment and has its own system to make value judgments and take decisions . Therefore, our colors affect the way we work and professional relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

By knowing our profile, after pasación indicator and once obtained with the corresponding report, we know our profile and understand our strengths and weaknesses and those of others . Thus, we are able to improve and develop the skills and competencies that will help us optimize our internal resources , thus increasing our influence , versatility and adaptability , keys to achieving our goals and those of our organization.

HighDevelop analyzes the needs and uses the best tools for:

  •     Development teams
  •     business Development
  •     Analysis of “High Potentials “


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