Philip Morris, Creating the Future

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Philip Morris Spain decided to launch the corporate program called “Creating the future” in Eurosite. For the program, lasting three days, passed 116 people belonging to the Steering Committee, managers and supervisors who had the opportunity to work, sensitized and internalize corporate values.

Add economic value, achieve efficiency, maximize the profit, gain competitiveness are required for the survival of any company. But these goals are not the only necessary or can be pursued at all costs. Goals is not enough, we must give equal importance to how to achieve them. Hence values ​​arise.

Values ​​provide a sense of common direction for employees and guidelines for their conduct on the day. PHILIP MORRIS SPAIN knows that the key issue is not just about having a list of values, but to have them they are living at all levels of the organization and in all cases. Hence the importance that values ​​become present in the culture of the company and are integrated into the character of the people.

Creating the Future has laid the groundwork for PHILIP MORRIS workers SPAIN to identify, accept and act in accordance with corporate values​​.

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